Have an Idea?

(sample questions)

Name the benching system by Global that appeared on Delve’s Facebook and Twitter pages during NeoCon this week.


If you are searching for a table in MRL for “training” in “education” that is “wood veneer” and “sit-to-stand,” what manufacturer(s) binders show up that are in the INDEAL program?


Here’s hoping you know where to find the MRL home page icon!

Looking at MRL’s Home Page, of the 20 new products pictured, select your top 5 favorites, along with their manufacturer.

Of the products you chose which one will you more likely sell to your customers? Why?


Referring to the Indiana Furniture binder on MRL, name 3 of the 8 categories of products listed in the index.

Name the Rep in your location and their Company name (you get a bonus for naming a recent project in your location using Indiana!  Send project name and product used)


Match the product with the INDEAL supplier.

  1. My Harmony Glass

  2. Aria Glass Board

  3. Aluminum/Wood Cases


  1. Ghent

  2. Waddell

  3. Vividboard