"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller


When your dealership is too busy to handle all your bid requests, and you need a solution from start to finish, hand it all over to INDEAL! Experts will complete the tasks in a professional way backed by years of product knowledge and bid response expertise. 

Because the amount of work will vary, timeline and costs will be agreed upon before starting.

Levels of Service 

 Email productspecialist@indeal.org to find out more! 

Marketing people are passionate when it comes to branding and the reason why is simple: they want to bring awareness to their company. There are countless brands trying to do the same and, plain and simple, it's just hard for people to remember things.


It takes seeing a company's logo and colors multiple times before they are recognizable to people. Who knows how long it takes when those things are presented differently every time? That's why consistency is the name of the game when branding is concerned!

In the spirit of promoting the INDEAL brand, we've put together a few templates, guidelines and logos for you to use when presenting INDEAL to your team, so they'll remember who the heck we are. Enjoy!






(click the preview image and download to make your life a little easier)

Cool PPT Template.png

Cool and Collected Slides

modern slide ppt.png

Many Modern Slides


If you can't use one of our pre-made templates and feel the need to go rogue, here are couple of simple rules when it comes to promoting the INDEAL brand:


INDEAL should be spelled with ALL CAPS, all the time


Only approved versions of the INDEAL logo should be used

(click the logos below to access the files for downloading)

Primary logo

Reverse logo


She’ll invite you to roundtable meetings, follow up as needed, walk you through the checklist and help you with just about anything you can think of related to your role as Champion. Sure, you can expect occasional calls from Priscilla just to say hey and see how you’re doing, but if you want to schedule a meeting or give her a call yourself, she’ll be happy to hear from you!



Champion Checklist -  Learn Page on This Website

INDEAL Dealer Documents Page - https://www.indeal.org/dealer-documents

INDEAL Portal - From the INDEAL Website or http://www.indealportal.com/

INDEAL Website - http://www.indeal.org/

My Resource Library - http://myresourcelibrary.com/Indeal

Newsletter Archive - https://www.indeal.org/dealer-documents

Product Services Contact - email productspecialist@indeal.org


Product Services Webpage - https://www.indeal.org/product-services

Promotions - https://www.indeal.org/dealer-documents

Brand Program Summary - https://www.indeal.org/dealer-documents

The KITS Collaborator - http://www.kisp.com/kits/

Web Access Request Form - INDEAL Dealer Documents Page


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